How To Bet On Boxing

Betting on boxing provides a very appealing wagering situation for prospective sports bettors. There is a beautiful ease to it – you have two sportsmen fighting each other and you choose the winner. There is a sense of integrity to it. It’s man against man. Not team against team.

Its simpler to handicap. You just have to break down two fighters and not an entire roster of players. Even before the sport became what it is at the moment, people were placing bets on it. Before there was baseball or football, people were wagering on fisticuffs brawls and scuffles in one shape, form or another.

Here are a couple of bets you can place on boxing matches

Boxing Moneyline Bet

A moneyline bet in boxing is essentially who you feel will win the fight outright. Odds are placed for each fighter and – based on your pick – you will get a pay-out.

Boxing Prop Betting

Prop bets in the sport of boxing are just like those which you’ll find in other types of sports. Here you bet on what could take place in the fight, for instance, how many knockdowns there will be in a fight or – alternatively – in a round. How many rounds the boxing fight will last or if a boxer will have points taken away or if the fight or a fighter will win by KO, TKO, or points or disqualification.

Total Rounds Bet

The best way to describe total rounds bet is the over/under of other sports. Here a fight that takes place between Y fighter and X fighter will go over or under 10.5 rounds.

Boxing On-Points Betting

Here you bet on how a judge could score a round. Boxing fights are judged using a 10-point scale. Most fights typically end 10-9 – this is unless there is a point deduction or a knockdown. Then a round can end 10-8. This kind of bet is when you guess which boxer has a better chance of winning a round and by how many points the judge will score.

Boxing Parlays

A boxing parlay bet consists of multiple bets on your ticket. Here you will bet that the fight between X vs Z will end in TKO and that the next fight will end in the eighth round via knockout and – in addition – that the main event will end by decision. You would need to hit all three combinations in order to win your bet.

Is It Above Board To Place Bets On Boxing Online?

Yes! Betting on boxing has always been an indispensable part of legal sportsbooks and betting in Australia. In addition, with the growth in US online betting options, you are able to expect el boxeo to be a bastion on those sites. But not every US bettor has access to domestic online books. This means they have to use offshore sites to place their wagers.

There are no US federal laws that bar offshore sports betting in all of the US states except for Washington that actually bans all online gambling.