Must-See Sports Stadiums Around The World

Our planet is home to some of the biggest and most majestic sports stadiums ever.

These structures are impressive creations of architecture and engineering and are adored by fans from all over the globe.

Below are our top must-see picks.

Stadium Kantrida – Croatia

Stadium Kantrida is the home of football to the Croatian city of Rijeka.

The iconic structure was named after the Kantrida neighbourhood in which it is situated. It has been the home of the HNK Rijeka football club ever since 1946.

This stadium makes our list of must-see venues because of its picturesque surroundings of beautiful seashore and majestic cliffs.

Stadium Kantrida seats 14,000.

Asgiriya Stadium – Sri Lanka

Asgiriya Stadium is a mecca for cricket fans.

Located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, it seats 10,300 spectators at any given time.

Surrounded by the stunning mountains that surround the ancient city, it is a feast for the imagination.

The very first cricket match competed here was between Australia and Sri-Lanka, all the way back in 1982. To modern-day fans who love cricket and the online slots Australia now offers, the stadium became super-famous when it hosted the 1996 Cricket World Cup match between Kenya and Sri Lanka.

The Float – Singapore

Singapore’s The Float is one of the world’s largest floating arenas.

Constructed entirely out of steal, it is undoubtedly one of the most majestic and beautiful sports stadiums in the world.

Located in Marina Bay, the venue is a multi-purpose outdoor arena that consists of a 120 x 3m steel platform. It also boasts an along-the shore grandstand that seats 27,000 fans.

The Float was constructed in 2007.

Folsom Field – Colorado

One of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world, Folsom Field offers incredible views of the Rocky Mountains.

The stadium was initially called Colorado Stadium but was renamed to Folsom Field in 1944 in honour of legendary football coach Fred Folsom.

The stadium was constructed in 1924, and currently seats 53,000 fans.

Dodger Stadium – LA

Dodger Stadium is a world-famous baseball venue located in Elysian Park, Los Angeles.

The stadium first opened its doors to fans in 1962 and was completely renovated in 2005.

The outdoor plaza is a must-see and features a mind-blowing 360-degree view of Santa Monica Bay, the famous downtown skyline, and the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountain ranges.

Olympiastadion – Germany

Olympiastadion is a truly interesting stadium as it was built in a pit made by bombs dropped on Munich during the Second World War.

Built by one Bilfinger Berger, Olympiastadion was created to represent a democratic and optimistic post-war Germany.

Since it was renovated in 2004, the stadium permanently seats 74,475 fans. It is the largest international football stadium in the country.

Allianz Arena – Germany

Germany’s Allianz Arena is a world-famous landmark located in Munich.

It features 2,760 inflated foil panels, and these combine to illuminate the entire exterior. The stadium’s design attracts the most interest for its colour-shifting properties.

The frame of the stands and bowl are made of reinforced concrete and the roof of steel latticework.