Horse Racing

Traits Of The Ultimate Racing Horse

Every racing horse is different, with different skills, temperaments, strengths, and weaknesses. And while there are certainly differences between the horses, there are some common traits among the winners that tend to make them stand out from the rest.

These are traits that very often originate in the genetics of the horse and its line of ancestors, but it’s just as important that the animal is taught by a well-regarded, patient, and talented trainer.


One of the most important traits of a winning horse is its temperament. It’s easy to find a horse that might physically do well on the track, but if it doesn’t have the right temperament to be trained, it’ll be impossible to have it win in any sort of consistent ways. Some horses just simply don’t want to be ridden, and while there’s a lot that a trainer can do to help the horse become more familiar with riding, it doesn’t always stick.

This is why breeding can often play a large part in how temperamental a horse will be. We often believe that the size and strength of a horse is all that matters when it comes to winning, but the psychological aspect can be just as important.


A good lineage of horses is highly prized for a reason, and it’s why trainers and horse breeders pay top dollars for lineages that have produced great racers over the years. It’s an important part of the racing world, and it’s why there is an entire industry that’s devoted to ensuring that a lineage of a particularly good horse continues on.

This is also the reason why there are so many great horses from history that tend to be related to each other – a breeder will always try and obtain a sire that has a long and well-established lineage, even if it means having to spend top dollar.


While somewhat related to the animal’s temperament, it’s also vital that the horse has nerves of steel. A lot of this can be trained into them from when they are young, but not every single horse will be able to deal with the pressure. And there’s a lot of pressure; a horse will need to remain calm and focussed while out on the track, with hundreds or even thousands of people screaming, the sound of the starter gun, as well as the other horses on the track.

It’s a stressful event, and it’s a big part of the reason that so many horses turn and run, often injuring themselves in the process. This is an important factor for those that bet on horses, and it can be as exciting as modern Australian esports betting.

A Good Jockey

The jockey isn’t technically a physical or mental trait of the horse, but the jockey can often make all the difference. A good jockey is one that is responsive to their horse’s needs and knows just how much they can push the animal. It takes years of hard work, patience, and true dedication to become a truly talented jockey that goes on to win consistently.